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We help early-phase endocrinology pharmaceutical ventures succeed

We Can Help You Navigate the Labyrinth of Clinical Research and Strategic Marketing

You spend considerable time, effort, and capital to bring a solution to market. Don’t get bogged down by roadblocks that are avoidable.

From trial design to project valuation, our 360-view allows us to see pitfalls, concerns, and areas to pivot, in order to remain clinically relevant and communicate the value of your technology.

Our deliverables include:

A Market-Savvy Approach to Clinical Trial Design

Clinical Research Consulting

Our research & trial consulting gives you access to the critical expertise you need to conduct research properly and on time. Research consulting includes:

Strategic Marketing Support

Our marketing consulting covers the essential aspects of strategy, clarity, and execution so you can get the maximum value for your innovation while connecting with critical partners & investors. Marketing services include:

Only 14% of Drugs
Win Approval from the FDA.

Beat the odds.

I have known Elena over many years as a professional colleague. I have used her as a consultant for my patients who have benefited from her extensive clinical knowledge and experience in caring for a broad array of endocrine conditions.

She is insightful and innovative and an excellent communicator. She relates to peers and patients alike in an effective manner to meet the needs of her listeners. She is highly respected for her knowledge, research, and wit and humor and I highly recommend her to you.

Dr. Terry Irwin, MD